Arabidopsis Stains
Mary Wildermuth and Michael Steinwand
Amanda McRae and Mandy Li
Graduate students Michael and Becky looking at data
Rebecca Mackelprang, Mary Wildermuth, Yessica Wiryawan

 Welcome to the lab of Mary WIldermuth at UC Berkeley.

We study plant-microbe interactions at the molecular level and are focused on how the microbe manipulates the plant to promote its own growth and reproduction. In parallel, we examine plant defenses that limit the extent of growth and reproduction of an adapted pathogen on its host.

Sep 2022 - new preprint!

Amanda G. McRae, Jyoti Taneja, Kathleen Yee, Xinyi Shi, Sajeet Haridas, Kurt LaButti, Vasanth Singan, Igor V. Grigoriev, Mary C. Wildermuth. Spray-induced gene silencing identifies pathogen processes contributing to powdery mildew proliferation doi:

Sep 2022 - DOE Agile Bio Foundry Project was selected!

This collaborative project with DOE teams at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs addresses the pressing need for a scalable method for dsRNA production for Agriculture employing microbial strain engineering and fermentation scaleup.

Aug 2022 - Congrats to Hang Xue for receiving the Andre Tchelistcheff & Dr. Richard Peterson 2022 scholarship awards.

The Andre Tchelistcheff and Dr. Richard Peterson Scholarship funds established by the Monterey Wine Festival Educational Foundation support deserving graduate students doing promising research work in viticulture or enology.

June 2022 - Lab receives 16K from the Gloeckner Foundation

The Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation awarded 16K to the Wildermuth Lab for their study of the powdery mildew-host interaction and novel methods to control powdery mildew of horticultural species.

May 2022 - Undergraduate Cameron Blondino graduates from UC Berkeley!

Cameron Blondino worked on research projects related to powdery mildew proliferation on grapevine. Research included powdery mildew isolation and propagation, field trials for spray-induced gene silencing of powdery mildew, and analysis of RNASeq data. He participated in the UC Berkeley Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program and served as an Undergraduate Agricultural Innovation Fellow in the Wildermuth Lab.

May 2022 - Wildermuth lab receives $137,400 from American Vineyard Foundation

Wildermuth lab received $137,400 from the American Vineyard Foundation to support their work developing novel dsRNA biologicals against powdery mildew of grapevine.

May 2022 - Welcome new undergraduates Lianne Wong and Catalina Kemmer to the Wildermuth Lab

Welcome new undergraduates Lianne Wong and Catalina Kemmer to join the Wildermuth Lab field trials 2022, along with returning undergraduates Michael Alexander and Elena Ochoa! This year, we have grapevine field sites at UC Davis , Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center, and local private vineyards in Napa and Moraga. Summer research for undergraduates is funded through NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates, American Vineyard Foundation, and the UC Berkeley Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program.


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