Welcome to the lab of Mary WIldermuth at UC Berkeley.

We study plant-microbe interactions at the molecular level and are focused on how the microbe manipulates the plant to promote its own growth and reproduction. In parallel, we examine plant defenses that limit the extent of growth and reproduction of an adapted pathogen on its host.

May 2022 - Wildermuth lab receives $137,400 from American Vineyard Foundation

Wildermuth lab received $137,400 from the American Vineyard Foundation to support their work developing novel dsRNA biologicals against powdery mildew of grapevine.

May 2022 - Welcome new undergraduates Lianne Wong and Catalina Kemmer to the Wildermuth Lab

Welcome new undergraduates Lianne Wong and Catalina Kemmer to join the Wildermuth Lab field trials 2022, along with returning undergraduates Michael Alexander and Elena Ochoa! This year, we have grapevine field sites at UC Davis , Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center, and local private vineyards in Napa and Moraga. Summer research for undergraduates is funded through NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates, American Vineyard Foundation, and the UC Berkeley Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program.

April 2022 - Undergraduates present at RCNR Undergraduate Research Poster Session

Undergraduates Amanda Hill and Elena Ochoa presented their research at the RCNR Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium Poster Session. Amanda Hill's research included examining powdery mildew effector translocation to the chloroplast. Elena Ochoa's work explored the use of adjuvants and formulations to enhance dsRNA stability for spray-induced gene silencing of powdery mildew.


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