July 2023 - Congrats to Claudine Tahmin for passing the qualifying exam!

Claudine Tahmin's PhD project aims to investigate the transcriptional network controlling powdery mildew-induced leaf TAG accumulation using the resource-rich Arabidopsis thaliana - Golovinomyces orontii pathosystem. Insights gained will inform mitigation strategies against powdery mildew, identify mechanisms by which acetylation impacts plant regulatory networks, and highlight the importance of network plasticity in plants.  This research will firstly elucidate how ASIL1’s regulation and function is modulated by acetylation. Then, provide important insights into the binding targets and proteome proximal to ASIL1. Finally, the information gleaned will be used to determine the role of ASIL1 acetylation in the context of Arabidopsis - G. orontii interaction and its subsequent impact on TAG accumulation during infection. This research will inform how TAG accumulation is regulated, allowing for more insights into seed oil biosynthesis. It will also contribute to understanding the impact of acetylation of transcription factors and how conserved this mechanism is in relation to animals and yeast. Examining how TAG accumulation is regulated during G. orontii infection will inform mitigation strategies against powdery mildews and other phytopathogens.